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Welcome to Nourishing Your Fertility!

                                                                                                          Cultivating Fertile Ground



Nourishing Your Fertility 


Are you trying to conceive?  Planning a baby in the future?  Want to learn what you can do to regulate your menstrual cycles or improve hormonal balance?  Through group circles or indivudual counseling I can empower you with the knowledge to cultivate fertility in body, mind, and spirit.  While your goal may be to increase your chances of conceiving a child, the benefits of improved fertility are many.  In addition to improving overall health, the creative energy available when living into the fullest expression of your fertility allows for all manner of things to be birthed into being.

I will blend the latest in fertility facts with ancient wisdom from several cultures.   While women tend to be more focused on fertility, I will address the challenges for both men and women and provide ideas you can explore together to strengthen fertility and the likelihood of conceiving a child.   Partners are highly encouraged to join the circles or counseling sessions.  Learning together will spark conversations that help develop your own insights.  In addition, we will be discussing ways to create a deeper connection with each other and with the child you want to bring into the world.

A circle may include a sampling of nourishing food or teas, art projects, and guest practitioners to share their insights, as well as yoga postures, an abundance of fertility wisdom, and the shared journey of others who are trying to conceive.  There is a lending library and you will be provided with a resource list of books, websites, and local practitoners who can support you.  See the “Circles” and “Consulting”  pages for more information!